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Benvenuto Alfisti....

We have recently changed to having Italian dinners out instead of monthly meetings.  Business will be discussed as needed at theses dinners.  We will still have meetings as needed, so please check this website for details of both meetings and dinners.

Everyone is invited to come and join the fun.  These are very informal events, so even if you are not a member and only want to check out our club, please just stop by.  If you like Alfas, we would like to meet you.

Just remember- 

"You can't be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa Romeo"

Jeremy Clarkson- Top Gear

Upcoming Events:                              

We are looking forward to hosting all our friends at the National Convention here in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2020 (19 through 26 July).


Please check back soon for updated content and details on the great events and gathering.


Until then, please enjoy this video ( https://youtu.be/pxVd8eLzK_w ) which hi-lights fun times in Alfa Romeo’s, Colorado and our upcoming Convention.




The Alfa Club of the Rockies is all about having fun.  We love our cars, but it is really about the people.  We are a casual club that enjoys driving, and equally enjoy stopping for a meal and a refreshment at a fun roadside café. 

For 2019 we are planning many events to get you and your Alfa out on the road.  We are dedicated to everything Alfa, and the enjoyment of these amazing cars.  Join the club, and join us for drives, museum tours, Circo (our yearly track event) and if you are really brave, come on down for a dinner or event.

Check this website often for updates on upcoming events and information.  The sooner you come out, the sooner you will be having fun!


Scott Walker
ACOR President

The Alfa Club of Colorado was formed in 1969, much in the way other clubs were: Two Alfa owners, Bob Mather and C.J. Terry, put fliers under the wipers of every Alfa they saw on the streets of Denver and Boulder. They became the club's first president and vice president, respectively. Both have beautiful Spiders. Tech sessions at local dealerships, tours into the mountains, and social events followed. From the early 1970s and you'll see numerous contributions from members of the Colorado club. At the club's core was a group of technical experts who dissected their cars' mechanicals and wrote about how to trouble shoot and improve what they found.

Indicative of the strength of the club's leadership and the club's high regard nationally, the 1973 and 1977 national conventions were held in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen, with its club racetrack and comfortable mountain town ambience (more accessible in 1973 with convention room rates at $19 a night), was the popular site of an annual Alfa club weekend for a few years. In the late '70s and early '80s, Colorado Alfa owners autocrossed with great enthusiasm at several Front Range locations, scoring each event until champions were determined at season's end.

By the late 1980s, autocrossing was almost gone, replaced by the growing popularity of wheel-to-wheel vintage racing. A half-dozen Alfas, mostly Giulia Spiders and GTVs updated with 1750cc motors, participated in Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing events each weekend. The early 1990s saw a stable, strong club with a wealth of activities for members.In 1994, the club hosted its third national convention (Alfa Sulle Montagne) at Copper Mountain Resort, which included track time at Second Creek Raceway in Denver, an autocross, a rally and a hill climb above Dillon Reservoir. In 1995, the club's first annual Alfa Circo (Circus) at former Stapleton airport attracted about 60 Colorado cars and over 100 people for a full September day of auto-related activities for the family.  In 2011 the club changed its name from Alfa Club of Colorado, to Alfa Club of the Rockies.  This change added Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and western Nebraska to our region.

For the future, look for mountain driving tours, a strong turnout for the CP concourse held in June at Arapahoe Community College, a possible convoy to the national convention, Aspen in August, Automezzi Italian car show, Alfa Circo and the club's annual Christmas party. ACOR is governed by a seven-person board of directors who meet monthly. All board meetings are open to members. Our club's current president is Scott Walker. He can be reached at 303-902-8486. Our club is affiliated with the National Alfa Owners Club. Annual dues are $68.00, of which $10.00 goes to ACOC for local events and publishing the local newsletter. Membership entitles one to the monthly magazine Alfa Owner and a wealth of technical information. If you have any comments, suggestions or would like one of us to get in touch with you please email us directly.

Wed Sep 18 @ 6:30PM in 1 days

September Dinner Out


For September’s Dinner Out we’re following our host Ed to an old favorite, Parma Trattoria ( https://www.parmamozzarellabar.com ). Dinner will be at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, 18 September. Parma is located at 1132-1 West Dillon Road in Louisville (just north of US-36 at McCaslin Blvd.).


Parma is run by native Italians and delivers the charm of an Italian eatery from the old country. We hope you can join us to talk about all things Alfa. We’re looking forward to revisiting all the great times we’ve had this past summer (drives, events, etc.), talking with you about your great Alfa Romeo(s) and the good times to come with our Alfa’s.


Parma Trattoria makes some great entrees, appetizers and deserts. All of their cheeses are lactose free and are made in house or imported from Rome and Naples. Choose a dish from the Dal Forno (baked dishes) part of the menu after having something from the Mozzarella Bar or with a glass of Vitiano from Umbria while you chat with your existing Alfa friends or while making new friends.


Please RSVP to Ed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can let Parma know how many of us will be joining him. Also, let Ed know if you’ll be bringing your Alfa and he will reserve special parking for your fantastic Alfa.